The basics of Snowboarding

Some snowboarding basics which could be helpful:

(this article was written by Jared Campbell, not by the webmaster)

So you just got yourself a new snowboard, boots, and bindings. You've even made all the way to the ski hill. But then it hits you, you don't know how to ride. Well here are some simple things to keep in mind while you try to figure it out:

First of all make sure that your snowboard is right for you. Not too long, not too short. Also not too wide or narrow. Any one of these will make snowboarding more difficult then it has to be.

Okay lets get started. Here are the fundamentals of snowboarding. Well before we begin lets start off by clearing up a little myth. Snowboarding contrary to popular belife is very simmalar to skiing. As much as we snowboarders don't want to admit it, it's true. Simmalar body movements, the shape of the equipment, trust me on this one they are very close. And if you've skied before you get on a snowboard you'll know what I'm talking about. You'll probably pick up snowboarding quicker then your bad ass skateboarding friend. Getting back to what we are here for, learning how to ride. You have got to stay relaxed. When you tense up bad things happen. An easy way to stay loose is to keep your knees slightly bent. This will also help you to absord the bumps that are in the snow, kinda like shock absorbers. Okay now that we are at ease lets try going somewhere. Start off by playing around with your board on one foot. (your front foot) So if you ride regular that would be your left foot. And if you are goofy, you guessed it smarty, it's your right foot. Try skating across the hill for a while before you start down it. Once you are comfortable doing that, strap your other foot in. Now we are ready to head down the hill. Remember to use your front foot to stear your board. (regular,left - goofy,right) To make a toe-side turn lift your heel up, press your toe down and move your knee over top of your foot. Your back foot will follow, you don't have to worry about it. A toe-side turn is the same as walking forward. So that means that a heel-side turn will be follow the same movements you make when you walk backwards. You will lift your toe up, press your heel down and roll your hips backward. Look at that you are snowboarding. Now that you are moving you may want to learn how to stop yourself. To do that all you have to do is turn more. If you turn yourself so that you are heading up the hill you aren't going to get far and will stop.

Remember these are only the basics. And the very basic of the basics at that. There is a lot more to snowboarding then I have given you in this little article.
It's a good idea to take a lesson your first time out, and you may want to continue taking lessons as your instructor can teach you a lot of cool stuff. Things like jumps, spins, bumps, steeps, the half pipe, and of course the ever important jibbing.

Don't forget to tip your snowboard instructor, and have fun out there.

This article was written by
Jared Campbell

Jared Campell
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When you go snowboarding for the first time it is better to take some lessons instead of just going out and breaking you wrist....


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