Snowboarding Links


This page is designed to give you some useful links to good Snowboarding pages out there:



Snowboarding utilities

Everything about snowboarding gear

The Nasty Cat

Get a cool shirt with the new extrem sport mascot!

The Extreme Top 50

The Top 50 of Extreme Sport Pages

Redd's SPORTS great site

Redd's SPORTS -- check it out!

Snowboarding Page

A pretty cool page with some cool links

Snowboarder Review

Product reviews, links, snow conditions... worth visiting!

Snowboarding page

Some info on snow and skate boarding. updated daily - the page is in german though.


Here you can find snowboarding gear + people can post tips


A page with a pretty big snowboard section with streaming video, news, profiles, resorts and more.

This site is divided into regions and resort areas, where people can go and print out free discount coupons for area businesses from their computers for an upcoming vacation. Check it out - it's really cool!

Snwbrdr Online

You can find an event schedule, pictures, information on companies, a snowboarding glossary and alot more here.


Pretty cool Snowboarding site with loads of info, pics, tricks, a chat, links and more.


Everything a snowboarder needs: product reviews, a how to section etc.

An extreme sports site with pics, videos, interviews with boarders and some more cool stuff.


A cool private page dedicated to snowboarding.

Off Season Bites

Everything you need for the slopes: equipment, links, pictures...


This page has information and more about alot of cool sports

Snowboard Basic

The site features snowboards, bindings, boots, links, and more

The Snowboardrack

If you want to transport you boards: try this snowboard rack

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